Save Our Oceans. Stop Fish Farming.
Choose Sustainable Seafood. GO WILD!!

This Seafood Could Kill Us!

Did you know in the United States that 80% of our fish and 90% of our shrimp, is imported and less than 2% of that seafood is inspected by our federal government?

Fish Feed

Did you know it takes 3lbs of wild fish to feed 1lb of farmed salmon???!?!?

Toxic Hazard Warning

Farmed fish are so toxic that our Federal Government should mandate that farmed fisheries be required to have warning labels on all packaging -­ just as alcohol and tobacco companies are required.

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A Fishy Tale

For Immediate Release

September 3, 2014

FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE Through Film, Alaskan Wild Salmon Advocate Warns on Fish Farms Kenai, Alaska A...

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